Product Defect Claims

Photo of Construction Accident
Typical products liability cases involve defects in both manufacturing and design. They may also include defective warnings. Product liability cases are based on negligence, strict liability, contract and intentional tort theories. Our attorneys have successfully defended product liability cases involving serious injury, paralysis and death.

No matter how hard your business tries to put safeguards in place to protect the public from injury while using your products, people may still get injured by not following instructions or warnings. Every year, thousands of personal injury claims are filed against insured and self-insured manufacturers and service providers by people who believe that they are entitled to damages, no matter how inappropriately they were using the product. At Hosp, Gilbert & Bergsten, we represent insurers and businesses that want skilled, effective legal representation to defend rights and business reputation against product liability injury claims.

Since 1984, our attorneys have been defending insurers and self-insured businesses in a legal environment that often blames a product manufacturer for the poor judgment of a customer. We have earned a reputation for working to attain fast, cost-effective results that our clients need to protect the bottom line, and the future reputation of your products and services.

  • Design defect defense
  • Allegations of unsafe or dangerous goods
  • Construction equipment and heavy equipment injury defense
  • Manufacturing equipment products injury defense
  • Consumer products injury claims defense
  • Manufactured food product poisoning defense
  • Restaurant meal food poisoning defense

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