Premises Liability

Photo of Man in Crutches
When someone slips and falls, property owners and managers are frequently sued for damages. Our firm has significant experience in defending property owners, property managers, and others in premises liability cases.

Our premises liability defense attorneys have defended many types of cases from many different kinds of clients. We defend property owners (including landlords and corporations), companies that manage property, and governmental entities that own property. Our premises liability cases cover many different circumstances:

  • A commercial building’s common areas may have uneven flooring or a broken stairway banister.
  • A grocery store spill may cause a customer to slip and fall.
  • A balcony may collapse injuring residents and visitors in an apartment building.
  • A parking garage may lack sufficient lighting causing an accident.
  • An overhead piece of signage in a restaurant may fall, injuring a patron.
  • The steps to a public building may be unsafe because of ice that was not removed.
  • Sick building syndrome caused by toxic substances may harm residents or workers.

In all those cases, the allegations need to be investigated, liability needs to be established, and the alleged damages need to be evaluated. Is the hazard that injured a tenant a landlord responsibility or tenant responsibility? Was the building’s owner made aware of danger? Our premises liability attorneys have extensive experience in limiting our clients’ financial exposure in premises liability lawsuits.

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