Auto Claims

Picture of a Car Accident
Hosp, Gilbert & Bergsten specialize in defending motor vehicle injury cases, including traumatic brain injury, amputation and wrongful death.

The firm also handles the more common automobile accident claims that often result in orthopedic, neurologic, or soft tissue injury.

Automobile casualty normally involves coverages to include liability and uninsured motorist. Our services include presuit evaluation, mediation and arbitration, as well as the defense of third and first party claims through trial and appeal. We will pursue declaratory relief actions prior to and even after suit is filed to streamline the litigation and narrow the issues.

Our lawyers are experienced and recognize the subtle differences in providing counsel for an inexperienced insured versus working closely with the sophisticated insurance adjuster. We recognize that the insured likely has no experience as a defendant in a lawsuit and often requires special attention or counseling to understand the successful defense of a claim. Policyholders seek protection from their insurers and counsel, and are typically looking to avoid litigation. At the same time, our corporate clients demand that the claim be handled both professionally and expeditiously. We will defend your suits at all stages of litigation with aggressiveness although balanced with common sense and an understanding that your reputation is to be protected.

Our experience allows us to distinguish the special interests of our corporate clients that provide insurance services, including personal and commercial lines, trucking accidents and the rental car industry.

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